Insurance products are available online direct from the insurers via the links in the blocks below.

Wherever you live and wherever you travel, good quality travel insurance is a necessity and Traveller's Choice has the advantage of offering cover suitable for IOM and CI residents.

Excesses on hire car, minibus, motorhome and campervan insurance can be covered by companies such as Questor.

When travelling, up-to-date detailed advice on local conditions, restrictions and regulations at your destination can be found on the UK Foreign Office site. Remember, travel insurance may be invalidated if you are travelling against Foreign Office advice.

Travel Insurance - Single Trip


Good quality travel insurance should be considered to be an essential part of your holiday plans.

Whether you're just planning to visit the British Isles or have an itinerary taking you much further afield, click the link below to get quotes for the cover you need for a single trip of fixed duration between two specific dates.




Travel Insurance - Annual Multi-trip

With travel insurance now deemed necessary even when travelling within the British Isles, Annual Multi-trip cover makes good financial sense for many holiday-makers, particularly those resident on Islands where repatriation cover is essential.

Traveller's Choice Annual Multi-trip policies offer cover for travel to the British Isles & Europe or Worldwide as often as you like (or can!) for up to 30 days each time.

Excess Insurance

In most locations, your car hire or motorhome rental deal will include an excess which is the amount you will be expected to pay towards an insurance claim and can be quite considerable - £1000+ is not unusual.   Even 'zero excess' deals normally leave you responsible for the tyres, wheels, underbody, interior, glass and keys. Most suppliers will offer additional insurance on arrival for these items, but it is usually more cost-effective to purchase such cover independently before you go.

It's worth clicking above for a quote before you book your vehicle, noting that the annual option may be better value for longer rentals or multiple trips.

More from Questor

Maybe you're not hiring a car, but choosing a motorhome, campervan or minibus which can carry even larger excesses.

Don't worry, Questor have a product for you, giving you peace of mind no matter what vehicle you choose to hire!

Questor will even cover the excess on your own private or commercial vehicle and have a special policy specifically designed for young drivers.

Check out all Questor excess insurance deals here.